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Kindness Rock Discovery Form

Did you discover one of our kindness rocks in your community or somewhere else throughout the universe? We strongly encourage you to share your discovery by submitting the following form before rehiding or keeping the kindness rock. Sharing the discoveries of our kindness rocks is essential for tracking their journey around the universe. You can check the current status or any previously reported locations of our kindness rocks on our Kindness Rock Profiles Database.

Kindness Rock Discovery Form

After submitting the Kindness Rock Discovery Form, it may take 48-72 hours for your discovery to reflect on our Kindness Rock Profiles Database. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with submitting the form. 

Do you plan on either rehiding or keeping the kindness rock?
Upload File

You have successfully shared your discovery with the Emerald Coast Kindness Rocks!

Frequently Asked Questions
Have any questions about our Kindness Rock Discovery Form? If so, please check out the FAQ section located below. If it doesn't answer a question of yours, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

What is the reason for stating where I found the kindness rock?

We request to receive the city, state, or province where you located the kindness rock to track its journey around the universe. We update the location of our discovered kindness rocks under the Kindness Rock Profiles Database

How do I locate the eight-digit identification number on the kindness rock?

We include an eight-digit identification number on the back of our kindness rocks. If you cannot locate a number or the number is no longer visible, please share the issue in the Kindness Rock Discovery Form


What type of image would be best to upload for the kindness rock?

You choose! It can include a picture of the front or back of the kindness rock or even a selfie of your discovery! Please note: you are not required to upload an image of the kindness rock. All images are stored in our private database for 60 days and not shared externally or publicly. 

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